The First Meeting of the Rodney Beekeepers Club

On 12th February 2014 a meeting was held at Farmlands Mill Road Helensville.

Arising out of this meeting the Rodney Beekeepers Club was formed.
As with all new organisations an election of officers took place and arising out of the voting the following officers were elected.

President: Peter McNab
Vice President: Claude Buchanan
Secretary: Jo Burgess
Committee members: Jason Everard, Bruce Burgess, William Titford
Patron: Brian Alexander

A proposed constitution was circulated to people present and this will be discussed and finalised at the next meeting. It is planned to meet every 2nd Wednesday with the venue to be decided and advised to those present.

A mixture of beekeeping experience was found from those who know little or nothing, ranging through people who had some limited experience to a few who had extensive beekeeping experience and knowledge.

    The key note among all present was:-

  • Learn more about Apis Mellifera ( The Honey Bee ) and its vital importance as a pollinator.
  • To share ideas at meetings and field days – to learn from experienced bee keepers, and promote peoples understanding and appreciation of the Honey Bee.
  • To help eliminate peoples fear of the Honey Bee which seems to be ingrained into them from childhood.

Respect, understanding, and knowledge would go a long way to overcoming this seemingly innate fear.

One must ask – do people advise their children not to drive a car or not to swim in case they have an accident or drown – No – they educate their children to learn to drive and swim.

So it should be with bees – educate and understand.

More people die on the road or drown than are ever stung by a bee.

World wide bees are under threat from over use and/or careless use of pesticides, invasion of the hive by varroa mite and other diseases of the bee. Beekeeping with attention to good beekeeping practices and education are probably the main aims of the club. With the side issue of meeting like minded people socially and producing a crop of fine local honey.

If interested in joining our club – contact Peter McNab – 09 420 6179 or Claude Buchanan – 09 420 9719

or fill out the below form:-