Rodney Beekeepers Club

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Your safety is important to us. Stay kind, Stay Home, Stay Safe.

The committee is in discussion in regards to a presentation by Brian Alexander and a club hive open day. Information will be forwarded in due course.

Club extractor is with Ian, please see members only page for contact details.

Please browse our site at your leisure, and we hope that you will find some useful information here.

You can see our aims and purpose on the About Us page. Should you require further information regarding the Club, please feel free to Contact Us.

Should you wish to join the club, please complete and submit a Membership Form.

We meet at 72 Mill Rd, Helensville at 7:30pm every second Wednesday of every month. If you are interested in attending, we would really enjoy meeting you there. We welcome all beekeepers regardless of experience level (even if you have never worked with bees).

Check out our blog page for latest club activities. New blog post on BeeIQ Solutions Hive gates, check it out or visit