Rodney Beekeepers Club

Welcome to the Rodney Beekeepers Club home on the web.

All members – we will be proceeding with our Field Day this Sat 13 Nov 10.30am at the Club Apiary at Old North Road, Helensville. 
Due to covid restrictions, the meet will be limited to 25 people only. Bring/wear your bee suit, and masks are mandatory for adults and must be worn in addition to your veil.

When we re-queened our hives at the start of the season, who knew that the rain would give us such grief that some queens were unable to make the requisite number of mating flights. When this happens, and/or the queen is lost for other reasons, sometimes we end up with a drone-laying hive – which is exactly what we have. So – this Saturday morning – come give a hand, get out of the house, have a socially-distanced chat, see a drone-laying hive. 

Please note that this month’s bee club meeting will now be held on Wednesday 18 October via Zoom at 7.30pm. A Zoom link will be provided in due course.

Any new members, please make sure that you contact Ian, Jo or Val to make sure that you are on the contact list.

Topics this month will be: general inspections, things to watch out for in Spring, what we need to do to prepare for Summer and the honey flow.

Below are our most recent meeting dates, see our calendar for more including Hive Open Days.

MonthMeeting Date
JanuaryNo meeting
February 20229th
March 20229th
April 202213th
See our calendar for further meetings (club open days weather and date dependant) We look forward to welcoming you!

For access to the password-protected members-only page to see Minutes, Club Shop prices, contact Ian or Jo for the password (financial members only).

We meet at the Kaipara Cruising Club, 72 Mill Rd, Helensville at 7:30pm every second Wednesday of every month, except January. If you are interested in attending, we would really enjoy meeting you there. We welcome all beekeepers regardless of experience level, even if you have never worked with bees.

Please browse our site at your leisure, and we hope that you will find some useful information here.

You can see our aims and purpose on the About Us page. Should you require further information regarding the Club, please feel free to Contact Us.

Check out our blog page, Instagram (rodneybeekeepersclub) for latest club activities. Our meetings and open days are visible under the Calendar button above. This includes community projects unless otherwise stated.

Should you wish to join the club, please complete and submit a Membership Form or just turn up at the meeting!

December Meeting:

A fun club night was had with the annual Bee Box auction taking place at the regular meeting on 9 December. This is the third consecutive year we have run the auction to raise funds for the Helensville Primary School ‘Garden to Table’ programme, in collaboration with the kids at Helensville Primary School.

The kids painted the bee boxes to a very high standard and bidders were “buzzed up” sufficiently to ensure a bidding frenzy, raising $825.50 for the school.

Well done to all the Helensville Primary School artists and a big thanks to those who bid on the boxes.

Bee boxes painted by Helensville School students for the annual auction fundraiser