Replacing the Queen Bee in your hive

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There will come a time for every beekeeper when the need to re-queen a hive – or more than one – arises.

I am hoping that RBC can guide new beekeepers along the mysterious road of preparing a hive for re-queening and introducing a new young vigorous queen. Perhaps this could be covered as part of a club meeting, and then at an appropriate time, demonstrate how this operation is carried out.

Where to obtain a new queen

Well the following organisations are well recognised and can supply high quality queens at a reasonable price.

Daykel Apiaries

Daykel Apiaries, Paranui R.D. 3, Kaitaia – Ph: 09.408.5895 – e mail: – Web site is available for viewing and is full of very interesting data about Davis Yanke and his queen breeding program. Take a look and enjoy.
Daykel Apiaries Website

Another excellent source of young queens is –

Mountain Beech Apiaries

Paul Jeffery – Paul’s e mail is –