Dancing Bees

Each Tuesday during the school year my wife Robin and I spend the morning at Helensville Primary School, helping with the school remedial reading program. We have both been involved in this activity for a number of years and gain a great deal of pleasure in watching the children progress from almost no reading skills to capable young readers with a sound base upon which to develop their reading and enjoyment of good literature.

This last Tuesday morning 20 May 2014 a smiling young pupil arrived with a book which had a number of stories and her chosen story was called Dancing Bees. I was quite captivated by the story and in the light of the fact that the school is encouraging senior pupils to, in season, visit our hives and learning something about the inside workings of a hive, I felt it suitable and appropriate to set up a page about. Please enjoy and encourage your children to view the page.

Click on the pictures and it will go full screen!

EPSON scanner imageEPSON scanner image

EPSON scanner imageEPSON scanner image


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