Club Apiary

Love’s Labour is not lost and this was clearly shown today when four members of the RBC spent about 1 1/2 hours preparing sites for 4 hives and two nucs. The hive locations were dug out and  covered with weed cloth to assist in keeping weeds away from the hive entrance. The club is considering using a new design of base board from the Hive Doctor – who kindly donated one to the club – this will be shown to members at the  next meeting and we suggest that members may wish to purchase same.

If so we could place a bulk order and receive the best possible price.  The apiary has easy car access and good facilities for a social time after the field day activities.  See pictures of apiary preparation – with Peter McNab, Bruce Burgess, Noel Smith and Claude Bee.

Not to forget the lovely coffee and biscuits provided by Jo Bee (  Burgess ).

All’s well that ends well.ImageImageImageImageImage


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