Email from the Southland and Sad News About One of my Hives

My Hives TodayWe have had a very nice e mail from the Southland beekeeping Group – itself a newly formed bee organisation – offering congratulations of the formation of the Rodney Beekeepers Club.

I have responded with thanks, and hope that we can retain contact with this new southern club.

I had a look at my hives today intending to undertake an oxalic acid vaporizer test. Unfortunately I had somehow killed my queen when last I looked and whilst there was an abundance of brood and stores there were no eggs. We took some brood and eggs from our second hive and trust the bees will requeen.

Another look at the end of March will tell us wether we have succeeded.

Gary did a Powdered sugar shake on our queen less hive with about half a cup of bees in a jar covered with sugar the sugar was then shaken onto a white board and sprayed with water- two mite were discovered. Gary has a article about this on the kiwimana site Powdered Sugar Shake – Counting Varroa Mites using icing sugar

Kiwi Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

Kiwi Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

The oxalic acid fume was given a prelim test showing us how the burner works. We are as a result considering purchasing one – but better still perhaps – would be for the club to purchase a unit which could be hired by members at a nominal rate.

We are still looking for a club apiary site so if any of you know of a site that might be available – please let a member of the committee know so that we can arrange for a look.

I am considering holding a wax dip for supers lids hive mats and bottom boards for members who may wish to protect their equipment using this very good system.

I am happy to donate the wax and would suggest that perhaps a member may like to bring along a twin gas burner and donate the gas or perhaps make a small charge to members who wish to wax dip. Please give me a ring if this is of interest. Supers can be painted after the dip – whilst hot – so bring your own paint and a broad brush – they must be painted at once and as quickly as possible but it is not necessary – unless of course you want a pretty box.

Claude Bee

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