Monthly Minutes

Rodney Beekeepers Club
AGM 10 May 2018
Apologies; Leonie McNab, Paul & Alison Evans
Welcome to new members
General Business
Five cell carriers are still missing. Could these please be returned to the club as soon as possible in readiness for the new season.
Everyone should now have their honey off and mite treatments in for Winter. Close hive entrances down and prop slightly forward to allow condensation to run out of the hive.
Some members have been worried that their queens have stopped laying. Carniolans, when food is scarce can cease to lay and do not carry large hive populations over Winter.
Loss of hives to wax moth. Either treatments were not early enough or not good enough. A mite strike causes hive numbers to shrink and get cold. Wax moth then moves in and rapidly ruins frames. Wax moth has been especially prevalent this year.
Wasps and wax moth take hold in weakened hives.
Little or no nectar has been coming in since December. Feed 2:1 sugar syrup, allow them to store. Feed small amounts as less bees cannot condense large amounts of syrup and excess can cause mould in a hive.
Oxalic acid (a most efficient mite killer) and glycerine mite treatments are being trialled at the moment as are experiments with oxalic and different mediums to carry it.
Follow formic acid treatments with Apiguard.
Membership Fees are now due ($30.00 for a year)
Club account – See member’s only page
Richard S who has taken over from Steve S as apiary officer gave us an update on the club apiary hives. Richard will be swapping out the hive doc bases for wood as wood is warmer over Winter.
There will be more apiary field days in the Spring. Over the Winter it’s best not to have hives open to the colder air for long periods.
It seems to be beneficial to have a thicker hive mat (inner lid).
CHECKS to remember: deformed wing, mould, close bases, tip hives slightly forward
Peter showed us hive protective paints that have been brought out in a range of colours attractive to bees and may decrease hive drift. See peter for info.
Vicki has organised a school fundraiser with 8 hive supers to be painted by the children. The supers will be auctioned off at the July club meeting and proceeds will go towards funding a senior playground at Helensville Primary School.
President’s notes
Thanks to Bruce and Jo for holding some lovely apiary days and BBQ’s over the past Summer. We didn’t host a lot of guest speakers this year but we did have some interesting and informative club nights. Thanks to Alison and Paul for some wonderful honey products, tasting, and extremely good mead. The club hopes to get a speaker to talk about courses that go beyond what a club can provide. Greg Harrington (Taratahi Agri training College, Certificate in Apiculture), Certificate in Apiculture (distance learning at Telford) – Vicki is presently finding the course extremely good.
Call for Club Admin positions: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Apiary Officer, Web tech, Storeman, Committee.
Nominations for President Jo Burgess nominates Peter McNab, second Ian Black (unanimous)(Peter accepts)
Nominations for Secretary Peter Mcnab nominates Glenys Carr, second Nicola Donald (Glenys accepts)
Nominations for Treasurer Bruce Burgess nominates Jo Burgess, second Ian Harris (unanimous) (Jo accepts)
Nominations for Apiary Manager Peter McNab nominates Richard Stevens, second Ed Donald (unanimous) (Richard accepts). Richard asks for contact numbers for apiary team.
Nominations for Committee
Bruce Burgess nominated by Peter McNab, second Heather May
Glenys Carr nominated by Ian Harris, second Bruce Burgess
Kyle Atkinson nominated by Jo Burgess, second Peter McNab
Terry Carter and Sam Tuitahi were voted on to the committee in absentia. (Terry and Sam to advise the Committee)
Jon Craib appointed as Web tech
Glenys Carr agrees to carry on with the Club store
Thanks to all outgoing Committee and welcome to the new incoming Committee
AGM Closed